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DIY Solar Electricity - It is Here And You Can Have It!!

Solar Power Water Heater - A DIY Solar Electricity Kit Makes it Fast and Simple

Turning lights off when you're not using them and weatherstripping doors and windows definitely has a positive impact on your monthly energy bills. But did you know that your water heater is another major appliance in your home that uses significant electricity? Begin saving money all year round, by heating the water in your home with a solar power water heater. Until recently, the biggest roadblock to converting to solar power was the high cost of pre-made and professionally installed solar panels. Did you know that premade solar panels alone can cost upwards of $2900 each? That doesn't even include the installation.

You don't have to spend thousands to start saving thousands of dollars a year on your energy bills. You can build your own solar panel for a minimal investment and only a weekend of your time and immediately start saving up to 80% on your monthly energy bills. A solar power water heater is only the beginning! You can power your refrigerator, washing machine and many other household appliances with the energy provided by solar panels. Sunlight is a free, clean and renewable, energy source. Providing solar energy to your home with a DIY solar electricity kit has never been easier or more affordable. Professionally installed systems can cost thousands of dollars and years invested waiting before you realize the cost savings of your system. A do it yourself solar panel will cost you less than $200, a fraction of the cost of other professional systems and you can begin enjoying true cost savings instantly.

Building Your Own Solar Panel is Fast and Easy!

The key element in building your own solar electicity system is choosing a quality Do It Yourself Solar Panel kit. It will make all the difference in the success of your project. High quality kits include clear directions on building and installing your system, but also offer guidance on shopping for required materials and they provide detailed diagrams and/or video assembly instructions.

Don't be intimidated by converting to solar panels for your energy source. A major benefit of solar power is these systems are customizable and expandable so you can implement at your own pace. No need to give up on your traditional power source immediately; although you may be tempted to do just that after you experience the cost savings each month! You can build a solar powered system to initially power just your lighting or just your hot water heater. Gradually, you can add additional solar panels to handle a larger electrical load and provide sufficient energy to power your entire home.

If you are tired of worrying about rising energy costs, declare your independence from fossil fuels now and turn your home into a 'green' house in more ways than one! Not only does solar power protect the environment and reduce greenhouses gases that deteriorate the ozone layer, but it will give you more 'green' in your wallet to spend on what you really want to buy.

The time has come for all of us to take back, right now, whatever control we can of our collective financial futures. Whatever renewable energy source you choose, the time has come to take control of your home energy bills, and stop spending money needlessly on outrageous electricity costs.

Andrew Hayden is a specialist in alternative home energy and has been studied solar alternatives for developing our own home energy for several years. He has reclaimed control over this very important aspect of his financial future, and he can show you how to do the same yourself.

If saving hundreds of dollars a month, with little investment, and minimal elbow grease sounds good to you, visit us at http://www.diy-solar-electricity.com and find out how easy this really is.

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