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DIY Solar Electricity -  A Weekend Project that Returns Big Dollars!

Don't be fooled by retreating oil prices. Home energy prices have skyrocketed over the past two years and left us all feeling the squeeze of paying high energy bills each month. Now is the time to declare your energy independence from the electric company and start saving hundreds of dollars a month,and up to thousands of dollars a year on your home energy bills. Capturing free energy from the sun with DIY solar electricity systems can cut your monthly energy bills by 80%! Providing solar energy to your home need not cost thousands of dollars in materials and installation. In fact, you can build your own DIY Solar electricity system and begin enjoying free energy right away at a fraction of the cost of other professional systems.

Important Factors When Choosing a DIY Solar Electricity Kit

Choosing a good DIY Solar Electricity system makes all the difference in the ultimate success of your project and expected cost savings. Quality kits provide clear instructions on how to build, assemble and install your system. Easy to use instructions will guide you on where you can source the materials you need (usually your local hardware store), detailed diagrams and some even offer step by step video instructions to help you through the entire process from material selection to building and installing the system.

A DIY Solar Panel will cost less than $200 and not more than a weekend of your time to build and install. That cost can be recouped within 1 month with the savings you'll experience in your home energy bill. Best of all, you will be using a renewable energy source that not only saves you money but is geo-friendly and uses the sun's reliable, powerful and inexhaustible energy supply.

Proper placement of your residential solar power panels is key to maximizing the sun's energy you can capture. A rooftop is the most commonly chosen site for installation, but depending upon your location, an open area in your garden or backyard can also make an ideal location. Even a window that receives adequate sun exposure can make for a prime energy generating location to attach your do it yourself solar panels.

Make no mistake, energy companies are in business to make the largest profit possible, without regard for how badly you and I may be struggling to contend with the current economic recession. For proof of that, look no further than Exxon, who continues to record profits as unemployment and foreclosures across our country continue to soar.

The time has come for all of us to take back, right now, whatever control we can of our collective financial futures.  Whatever renewable energy source you choose, the time has come to take control of your home energy bills, and stop spending money needlessly on high electricity costs.  If saving hundreds of dollars a month, with little investment, and minimal elbow grease sounds good to you, visit us at http://www.diy-solar-electricity.com and find out how easy this really is.

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